Sheila Reid's Designs

  1. Jane-Black and White Polka Dot Paper
  2. Jane- Light Green Polka Dot Paper
  3. Furry Friends- Kitty- White Painted Polka Dot Paper
  4. Furry Friends- Kitty- Polka Dot Paper Rose
  5. Birthday Wishes- Blue Polka Dot Tag
  6. Sweater Weather Papers- Tan Polka Dots
  7. Sweater Weather Papers- Salmon Polka Dots
  8. Nutcracker December BT Mini Kit- Green & White Polka Dot Paper
  9. Our House Collab- Paper- Light Teal With Polkadots
  10. Spookalicious- Orange Polka Dot Paper
  11. Spookalicious- Green Polka Dot Paper
  12. Spookalicious- Black Polka Dot Paper
  13. At The Fair- September 2014 Blog Train- Colorful Star Polka Dots Paper
  14. Summer Daydreams- Paper- Large Polka Dots
  15. Garden Party- Polka Dot Lantern
  16. Christmas In July- Paper- Green Polka Dots
  17. Christmas In July- Polka Dot Paper- Blue
  18. Oh Baby Baby- Big Polka Dot Paper- Blue
  19. Forever Friends Mini Kit- Pink Polkadot paper
  20. Layered Polka Dots 01 Overlay
  21. Big Dots 04 Overlay
  22. Microdots 03 Overlay
  23. Sweet Valentine- Teal Polka Dots Paper
  24. Sweet Valentine- Red Polka Dots Paper
  25. Sweet Valentine- Little Pink Polka Dots Paper
  26. Sweet Valentine- Big Blue Polka Dots Paper
  27. Simple Pleasures- Orange Rosetta
  28. Vintage- November Blogtrain Pink Polka Dot Paper
  29. My Baptism- Blue Polka Dot Bow
  30. Speed Zone- Blue Polka Dot Paper
  31. No Tricks, Just Treats- Black and White Polkadot Clip
  32. Small Dots 01 Overlay
  33. Big Dots 01 Overlay