Sheila Reid's Designs

  1. Birthday Wishes- Yellow Glitter Star
  2. Birthday Wishes- White Glitter Star Button
  3. Birthday Wishes- Tan Glitter Star Button
  4. Birthday Wishes- Red Glitter Star
  5. Birthday Wishes- Pink Glitter Star Button
  6. Birthday Wishes- Blue Glitter Star Button
  7. Birthday Wishes- Birthday Girl Word Art
  8. Birthday Wishes- Birthday Boy Word Art
  9. Spookalicious- Yellow Glitter Star Stamp
  10. Spookalicious- Green Glitter Ribbon
  11. Christmas In July- Brown Bird Ornament
  12. Christmas In July- CB- Wordart- Joy To The World
  13. Christmas In July- Glitter Snowflake Scatter
  14. Oh Lucky Day- Green Glitter Splatter
  15. Be Mine Red Glittery Flower
  16. Burlap Glitter Butterfly Template
  17. It's Christmas- Glitter Pine Branch
  18. Vintage- November Blogtrain Butterfly
  19. My Baptism- Blue Wordart Tag
  20. No Tricks, Just Treats- Pumpkin On A Stick
  21. Glittered Pumpkin On A Stick Template
  22. Glitter Edged Tag Template