Sheila Reid's Designs

  1. Jane- Cream Blank Round Tag
  2. Furry Friends- Kitty- I Love My Kitty Word Art
  3. Furry Friends- Kitty- Cardboard Tag
  4. Furry Friends- Kitty- Furever My Heart Tag
  5. Furry Friends- Kitty- Circle Tag- Meow
  6. Shine- Gold Diamond Tag
  7. Kitty Word Art- Blank White Tag
  8. Kitty Work Art- Tan Blank Tag
  9. Kitty Word Art- Blank Red Tag
  10. Kitty Word Art- Blank Brown Tag
  11. Furry Friends- Kitty- Metal Love Tag Charm Template
  12. Furry Friends- Kitty- Cardboard Tag Template
  13. Furry Friends- Kitty- Tag Shape Template
  14. Birthday Memories- Label- Birthday Memories- Blue
  15. Birthday Wishes- Orange Striped Tag
  16. Birthday Wishes- Tan Circle Tag
  17. Birthday Wishes- Blue Polka Dot Tag
  18. Birthday Wishes- Green Striped Tag
  19. Birthday Wishes- Birthday Wishes Tag
  20. Birthday Wishes- Blue Circle Tag
  21. Sweater Weather- Wreath Tag
  22. Sweater Weather- Winter Kisses Word Art Tag
  23. Sweater Weather- Sweater Weather Word Art Tag
  24. Sweater Weather- Snug As A Bug Word Art Tag
  25. Sweater Weather- Snow Fun Word Art
  26. Sweater Weather- Snowball Fight Word Art Tag
  27. Sweater Weather- Snow Adorable Word Art Tag
  28. Sweater Weather- Mitten Weather Word Art Tag
  29. Sweater Weather- Brown Snowflake Tag
  30. Sweater Weather- Little Flurries Word Art Tag
  31. Sweater Weather- Let It Snow Word Art Tag 02
  32. Sweater Weather- Let It Snow Word Art Tag 01
  33. Sweater Weather- Blue Snowflake Tag
  34. Sweater Weather- Journal Card- Snowflakes
  35. Sweater Weather- Let It Snow Tag
  36. Sweater Weather- Red Bordered Blank Tag
  37. Nutcracker December BT Mini Kit- Tag with Ornament Hook
  38. Spookalicious- Orange Spiderweb Tag
  39. Autumn Art October Mini Kit- Orange Stitched Tag- Fall
  40. No Tricks, Just Treats Add-On- Damask Tag With Ribbon