Sheila Reid's Designs

  1. Jane- Open Vintage Book
  2. Shine- Gold Floral Vellum Paper
  3. Jane- Black Writing With Roses Paper
  4. Shine- Colorful Flowers Paper
  5. Jane- Cream Flower With Pearls
  6. Jane- Metal Flower
  7. Jane- Metal Leaves
  8. Jane- White and Pink Rose
  9. Jane- Paper- Roses With Book and Writing
  10. Shine- Tan & Pink Wood Paper
  11. Jane- Pink Subtle Roses Paper
  12. Jane- Vintage Stacked Books
  13. Jane- Word Art- I Love This Moment Arrow
  14. Jane- Vintage Butterfly Sticker
  15. Jane- Small White Torn Paper
  16. Jane- Vintage Clock Sticker
  17. Jane- Green Paper With Soft Pink Roses
  18. Jane- Metal Butterfly
  19. Jane- Vintage Leafy Branch
  20. Jane- Black and White Ornate Paper
  21. Whitewash Overlay/Paper Template
  22. Furry Friends- Kitty- Tan Silly Kitty Sticker
  23. Jane- Pink Wavy Ornate Paper
  24. Jane- Cream Damask Paper
  25. Jane- Pink Paper With White Writing
  26. Jane- Large White Torn Paper
  27. Jane- Pink Paint Ring
  28. Jane- Green Burlap Butterfly
  29. Jane- Small Vintage Roses Paper
  30. Shine- Colorful Diagonal Plaid Paper
  31. Jane- Lacey Flower Puff
  32. Quatrafoil Overlay/Paper Template
  33. Jane- Word Art- Black Stitches
  34. Jane- Vintage Green Doilies Paper
  35. Jane- Vintage Pink Roses Paper
  36. Jane- Black and White Bird Silhouettes Paper
  37. Jane- Cream Ornate Border Paper
  38. Jane- Green Burlap Bird Silhouette
  39. Jane- Large Tan Fabric Flower
  40. Jane- Pen And Quill