Sheila Reid's Designs

  1. Hello- Pink & White Arrow Paper
  2. Our House Nov2014 Blog Train- Orange Flower
  3. I Love You Mom- White Spray Paint Stamp
  4. It's Christmas- Green Poinsettia
  5. Pond Life- Bamboo Frame
  6. Textures Set- #01- Brush 10
  7. No Tricks, Just Treats Add-On- Spider Web Frame
  8. Turkey Time- Wavy Paper
  9. Rain, Rain- White Ornate Frame
  10. Spray Painted- Set #01- Brush 8
  11. Painted- Set 02- Brush 3
  12. Oh Lucky Day- Paddy's Day- Rainbow Template
  13. Shine- Handwritten Words Template- Love
  14. Sweater Weather- Snow Spatter
  15. Outdoor Adventures- Red Button
  16. Its Vintage Brush Set 01- Timepiece
  17. Paint Strokes- Set #01- Brush 7
  18. Corky Bits- Glasses
  19. Outdoor Adventures- Word Art- Camp Grounds
  20. Speed Zone- Tire Tread Paper
  21. Sweater Weather- Tan Ribbon Cluster
  22. Jane- Pearl Scatter
  23. Clock Makers Brush- Outer Border- Dashes
  24. Sweater Weather- Snow Fun Word Art
  25. Nutcracker December BT Mini Kit- Red & White Chevron Frame
  26. Sweater Weather- Journal Card- All Is Fair
  27. Sweet Valentine Elements- Yellow and Teal Flower
  28. Shine- Vintage Frame 01 Template
  29. Outdoor Adventures- Red Gingham Straight Ribbon
  30. Oh Lucky Day- Vintage Photo Corner
  31. The Best Is Yet To Come- Heart Sticker
  32. Outdoor Adventures- Woodgrained Paper- Camel
  33. Sweet Valentine- Pink Rose Button
  34. At The Beach- Splish Splash Word Art
  35. Oh Baby, Baby- Little Princess Lable
  36. Space Explorer- Space Adventure Tag
  37. Leafy Branch Template- Outline 06
  38. Recreational Icon Brush/PNG Template- Canoe Paddles
  39. Rain, Rain- Blue Green Striped Clip
  40. Birthday Wishes- Colorful Diagonal Stripe Paper