Sheila Reid's Designs

  1. Rain, Rain- White Doodle Frame
  2. Lil Monster Red Solid paper
  3. Oh Baby, Baby- Choo Choo Sticker
  4. Sweet Valentine Elements Kit- Twine Bow
  5. Birthday Wishes- Tan & White Painted Paper
  6. Painted- Set #01- Brush 01
  7. Rain, Rain Solid Blue Paper
  8. School Fun- Word Art Sticker- Fun
  9. I Love You Mom- Butterfly Flair
  10. Spookalicious- Blue Striped Accordian Flower
  11. Rain, Rain- Light Blue Ornate Frame
  12. Christmas In July- Ornament Paper- Red
  13. Shine- Journal Cards- Pink and Gold Chevrons
  14. Kitty- Illustration- Fish
  15. Paper Textures Set #2- Texture 11- Cardstock 1
  16. Outdoor Adventures- Rustic Wood Paper- Brown
  17. Jane- Word Art- Black Stitches
  18. Outdoor Adventures- Sticker- Wall Mounted Antlers
  19. School Fun- Brown Kindergarten Paper
  20. No Tricks, Just Treats- Bats Tag
  21. Speed Zone Elements Kit- Yellow Paper Tyre
  22. Speed Zone Elements Kit- "Speed Zone" Label
  23. Sweater Weather- Lacey Border
  24. Kitty- Doodle Frames- Oval Frame 02
  25. Christmas In July- CB- Wordart- Joy To The World
  26. Kitty Wordart- Here Kitty Kitty
  27. Oh Baby, Baby- Little Sleepy Time Lamb
  28. Outdoor Adventures- Wood Flair- Hiking Icon
  29. Spookalicious- Element Template- Striped String Template
  30. Oh Lucky Day- Brown Green Clover Flower
  31. Sweater Weather Papers- Green Stripes
  32. Our House- Hammer
  33. Our House- Light Green Flower
  34. Pond Life- Solid Paper Light Blue
  35. Nutcracker December BT Mini Kit- Red and White Chevron Bow
  36. School Fun- Bus Stop Sticker
  37. Rain, Rain- Yellow Button
  38. Button Mix 01- Gold 4-Holes Button # 08
  39. Outdoor Adventures- Green Flower
  40. Sweater Wether- Blue Fabric Button with Snowflake