Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

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Recent Comments

Krissy Collette
Krissy Collette Mon, 06/29/2015 - 16:47

This is beautiful!

Shawna Adkerson
Shawna Adkerson Mon, 01/20/2014 - 13:58

what a great idea... a summer bucket list! i love the bright colored kit you used. gorgeous!

Dia Will
Dia Will Mon, 01/20/2014 - 10:30


Nancy Archer
Nancy Archer Sun, 01/19/2014 - 18:30

I am going to have to remember this for my yearly books! This is a great idea for each season!

cheryl bass
cheryl bass Sun, 01/19/2014 - 17:48

Love this Summer Bucket List!

Amber Murmer
Amber Murmer Sun, 01/19/2014 - 17:02

I love your clustering and the way you composed this page.