Gallery guidelines

Open Gallery: you may upload any digital layout, regardless of where the elements come from: you do not need to only upload layouts that use Pixel Scrapper items.

Layouts Only: please limit your uploads to digital scrapbooking layouts. Random images, kit previews, promotional items, etc. should not be uploaded to the gallery, and will be removed. Generally anything that you believe to be a layout is probably a layout :), but if you are uncertain about something you want to upload, you can contact us about it.

Dimensions: For uploading to the web, DPI and the size of your image in inches/cm does not matter: just the pixel dimensions. Ideally gallery images should be saved at 1000x1000 pixels at maximum jpg quality. Minimum dimensions are 600x600 pixels. If your layout is not square, that is for whichever edge is longer (which is why it's really best to go for 1000 pixels over 600). If your image is over the maximum dimensions, it will be re-sized automatically on upload.