Assets & Templates

Right away you will notice that Pixel Scrapper uses a slightly different vocabulary than other digital scrapbooking sites. Ultimately, this is to simplify things, but initially it might seem confusing. If you take a few minutes to browse through the assets and templates available you’ll see the difference pretty quickly:


An asset is a finished product that can be downloaded and used to create a layout. They are colored and often coordinate with each other to make kits. You will find finished papers and elements in this category.


A template is a file that can be modified by designers or DIY scrappers to fit their own needs. They usually come in gray-scale, as either a .PNG image or layered .PSD file.

A single template may have several assets attached to it, in different colors or other slight variations. When viewing an asset you can see its template (if it has one) in the right-hand sidebar:

Template Linked to asset

You are allowed to modify the assets and templates you've download however you'd like.