More about Download Credits

Please make sure that you have already read the introduction to download credits and community points.

I want more download credits!

You can get more download credits by:

  1. Donating to Pixel Scrapper (which also gets you other bonuses!).
  2. Participating in a layout challenge and winning the random drawing.
  3. Earning more community points (You get more download credits at set milestones. See below).

To get your first bonus free download credits you need to earn just 10 Community Points, which you can achieve simply by filling out your profile.

After that you earn more free download credits on an exponential curve, like so:

Community Points Free Download Credits
10 download credit bonus
30 download credit bonus
70 download credit bonus
150 download credit bonus
300 download credit bonus

Credits received from donating

Download credits that you receive from donating are tracked separately from your free daily download credits: they never expire, and they do not interfere with your free daily download credits. In other words, you don't have to spend your bonus DC all in one day, because you will continue to receive free daily DC into your account. See the donation page for more information.

Download Credit "Pricing"

Item PU License CU License
All Assets 1 DC 2 DC
PNG Templates 2 DC 3 DC
PSD Templates 3 DC 5 DC
Kits Varies according to number of items.
50% DC discount over individual downloads.
Bundles Varies according to number of items.
75% DC discount over individual downloads.