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  1. Changes- Solid Red Paper 2
  2. Changes- Solid Red Paper
  3. Changes- Solid Blue Paper
  4. Changes- Grunge Paper
  5. My Little Zombie?!
  6. Newspaper Texture 008
  7. Reflections of Strength- White Cardboard Paper
  8. Reflections of Strength- Yellow Cardboard Paper
  9. Reflections of Strength- Light Blue Cardboard Paper
  10. Cardboard Texture 002
  11. Fresh Start- Distressed Paper
  12. Fresh Start- Pink Striped Paper
  13. Winter Arabesque- Cream Solid Paper
  14. Anarchy in the UK- Punk's Not Dead Word Art
  15. Anarchy in the UK- Sid Sneer Stencil
  16. Anarchy in the UK- Sid & Nancy Stencil
  17. Good Day- Journal Card- One Wild And Precious Life
  18. Good Day- Journal Card- What Will You Do?
  19. Good Day- Journal Card
  20. Good Day- Journal Card- Flower