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  1. Strawberry Fields- Dark Brown Dots Paper
  2. Strawberry Fields- Pink Dots Paper
  3. Strawberry Fields- Yellow Dots Paper
  4. Strawberry Fields- Brad- Yellow Dots
  5. Strawberry Fields- Red Dots Bow
  6. Our House- Mini Kit- Floral Doodle 2 Paper
  7. Red Striped Dots Paper
  8. The Lucky One- Orange Polka Dot Tape
  9. Tiny, But Mighty Green Bead Scatter
  10. Tiny, But Mighty Orange Polkadot Flower
  11. Tiny, But Mighty Orange Bead Scatter
  12. Tiny Dots Overlay
  13. Flower Dots Overlay
  14. Sunshine and Lemons- Yellow & White Dot Paper
  15. Garden Party- Bead Cluster
  16. Look, A Book!- Paint 9
  17. Look, A Book!- Paint 12
  18. Look, A Book!- Red Ribbon 2
  19. Look, A Book!- Shadowed Ribbon Bunting
  20. Look, A Book!- Shadowed Scatter 1