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  1. At The Fair Mini- Pretzel
  2. At The Fair Mini- Coke Bottle
  3. Apples Sticker Yellow
  4. Muffin Tin
  5. Apples and Text Paper
  6. It's Elementary, My Dear- Apple Border
  7. Bread Pan
  8. Sauce Pan
  9. Grandma's Kitchen- Journal Card 19
  10. Grandma's Kitchen Strawberry Journal Card 02
  11. Kitchen Sticker Cherries
  12. Grandma's Kitchen- Journal Card 12
  13. It's Elementary, My Dear- Green Apple Paper
  14. Grandma's Kitchen- Light Blue Gingham Paper
  15. Veggie Patch- Happy Vegetables Paper- Small
  16. Garden Party- Tea Party Teacup
  17. At The Fair Mini- Yellow Solid Paper
  18. At The Fair Mini- Treats Paper
  19. At The Fair Ice Cream Cone Paper
  20. Grandma's Kitchen- Orange Gingham Paper