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  1. Bright Days Elements Kit
  2. Lovestruck- Heart Button
  3. One Of A Kind- Paper Flower
  4. Birthday Wishes- White Glitter Star Button
  5. Birthday Wishes- Tan Glitter Star Button
  6. August Garden Party- Purple Glitter Brad
  7. Birthday Wishes- Pink Glitter Star Button
  8. It's The Magic: Fairy Tales Edition- Glitter Heart
  9. Birthday Wishes- Blue Glitter Star Button
  10. Blue Glitter Plastic Button
  11. Yellow Flower Glitter Plastic Button
  12. Pink Plastic Glitter Heart Button
  13. Purple Glitter Heart Plastic Button
  14. Green Glitter Star Plastic Button
  15. Orange Glitter Star Plastic Button
  16. Plastic Glitter Star- Navy
  17. Gold Glitter Heart Button
  18. Plastic Glitter Star- Silver
  19. DSF Aug 2012 Button- Heart Purple
  20. Baker's Dozen