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  1. fifth and sixth (b) page of malaysia minialbum
  2. fifth and sixth (a) page of malaysia minialbum
  3. third and fourth page of malaysia minialbum
  4. first and second page(b) of malaysia minialbum
  5. first and second page(a) of malaysia minialbum
  6. His eye is on the sparrow
  7. Malaysia Tag- Octagon
  8. Malaysia Tag- Rectangle
  9. Malaysia Tag- Small Square Rounded Corners
  10. Malaysia Tag- Hexagon
  11. Malaysia Tag- Large Square
  12. Malaysia Tag- Deeper Rounded Square
  13. Malaysia Tag- Large Circle
  14. Solid Dark Blue Paper- Malaysia Kit
  15. Solid Dark Teal Paper- Malaysia Kit
  16. Solid Light Yellow Paper- Malaysia Kit
  17. Solid Dark Yellow Paper- Malaysia Kit
  18. Solid Paper- Malaysia Kit
  19. Solid Light Teal Paper- Malaysia Kit
  20. Solid Light Grey Paper- Malaysia Kit