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  1. Spring Fields Add-On- Damask Paper
  2. Jane- Green Paper With Soft Pink Roses
  3. Jane- Green Grid Paper
  4. Jane- Green Vintage Horses Paper
  5. Be Bold Papers- Gold And White Patterned Paper- Paper 1
  6. Be Bold Papers- Orange, Lilac, And White Diamond Stripes Patterned Paper- Paper 2
  7. Be Bold Papers- Black, White, And Gold Floral Paper- Paper 3
  8. Be Bold Papers- Orange And Lilac Circle Triangle Paper- Paper 4
  9. Be Bold Papers- White Wood Paper- Paper 5
  10. Be Bold Papers- Lilac Textured Paper- Paper 6
  11. Be Bold Papers- Multi Colored Sparkle Patterned Paper- Paper 7
  12. Be Bold Papers- Orange And White Lace Doily Patterned Paper- Paper 8
  13. Shine- Colorful Diagonal Plaid Paper
  14. Shine- Cursive Handwriting Paper
  15. Jan- Soft Pink Roses Paper
  16. Jane- Tan Kraft Paper
  17. Jane- Yellow Damask Paper
  18. Jane- Vintage Green Doilies Paper
  19. Jane- Gray Distressed Paper
  20. Shine- Blue Cursive Handwriting Paper