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  1. Sugar & Sweet- Journaling Card 15
  2. Sugar & Sweet- Journaling Card 14
  3. Sugar & Sweet- Journaling Card 13
  4. Be Mine- Brown Bokeh Paint
  5. Already There- Bunting
  6. Here & Now- Polka Dot Paper
  7. At The Fair- Paper- Polka Dots Multi
  8. At The Fair- Washi Tape- Polka Dots Multi
  9. Sunshine & Lemons Mini- Mint Polka Dot Paper
  10. Tea Cup- Striped Paper
  11. Ride A Bike- Polka Dots Paper
  12. Be Mine- Purple, Mint, and White Bokeh Paint
  13. Be Mine- Mint Flower Brad
  14. Lake District- Polka Dot Paper- Mint
  15. Lake District- Floral Paper
  16. Deck The Halls- Mint Paper
  17. Deck The Halls Journal Card- Wreath
  18. Deck The Halls Journal Card- Pointed Polka Dot Ornament
  19. Vintage Blog Train- Polka Dot Paper
  20. E&G Polka Dot Paper