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  1. 7 months
  2. Buried Treasures- Each Photo- Word Art
  3. Text Overlay 003
  4. Hello Blue Solid Paper
  5. Garden Party- Solid Brown Paper
  6. Paper Texture 12
  7. Hello Dark Pink Solid Paper
  8. Text Overlay 001
  9. Text Overlay 002
  10. A Bouquet of Freshly Sharpened Pencils- Orange Words Solid Paper
  11. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic- Alice in Wonderland Washi Tape
  12. The Lucky One- News Article
  13. Hello Light Pink Solid Paper
  14. Hello Orange Solid Paper
  15. Garden Party- Solid Cream Paper
  16. Garden Party- Solid Pink Paper
  17. Garden Party- Solid Purple Paper
  18. Garden Party- Solid Salmon Paper
  19. Bright Days Flair- New Spring Brad
  20. Bright Days Grid- Grey Grid Journal Card (V)