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  1. to somewhere far from now
  2. When you are laughing...
  3. Mother's Day Album- Letters
  4. From Grand Canyon to Niagara Falls
  5. Love At First Sight- Speech Balloons Paper
  6. Oregonian Tags Kit
  7. Here & Now Word Art Kit
  8. Here & Now Labels Kit
  9. Flowers and Smiles
  10. You color my world
  11. What Day Is It? Sunday
  12. Today I learn to
  13. Misfit Bianca!
  14. Christmas In July- Christmas Blessings Wordart And Tags Kit
  15. First Camping Trip- left side
  16. Blue Geotag 'START'- City Bicycle
  17. Blue Geotag 'END'- City Bicycle
  18. Misfit Dottie
  19. There's no BUDDY like a brother!
  20. Summer Lovin'