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  1. A Little Sparkle {papers}
  2. Delightful- Fabric Paper- White
  3. It's The Magic: Fairy Tales Edition- Frame 02
  4. Christmas In July- Solid Paper- White
  5. Oh Baby, Baby- Brown Flower with Pearl Center
  6. Oh Baby, Baby- Misted Floral Paper
  7. Oh Baby Antique Lace
  8. Hello Cream Solid Paper 02
  9. Country Wedding- Painted Cardstock
  10. The Lucky One- Solid Papers Kit
  11. Be Mine- Cream Solid Construction Paper
  12. Be Mine- Solid Paper Kit
  13. Tiny, But Mighty Cream Floral Fabric Paper
  14. Textured Multi-Color Painted Paper
  15. Argyle Buttons Paper- Light Blue Grid
  16. A Bouquet of Freshly Sharpened Pencils- Math Text Paper
  17. It's Elementary, My Dear- Bunting 01
  18. It's Elementary, My Dear- Bunting 01 Shadowed
  19. Timeless Fun
  20. Miss Kitty