Best friends

Best friends

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Recent Comments

Wenjoy Flem
Wenjoy Flem Thu, 11/28/2013 - 01:24

love the circles

Kim Legerdemain
Kim Legerdemain Wed, 11/27/2013 - 19:49

Cool stacked circles!

Tiffany Johnstone
Tiffany Johnstone Wed, 11/27/2013 - 19:06

I love all the layers!

Cathy Norton
Cathy Norton Wed, 11/27/2013 - 17:59

Ditto Amber

Amber Murmer
Amber Murmer Wed, 11/27/2013 - 17:05

I love the torn circle paperstack!

Violet Irisovna
Violet Irisovna Wed, 11/27/2013 - 15:42

Wow, this is really interesting - it has such depth and kind of swirls my eye around and around taking in all the cool little bits here and there. Nice work!