What hobbies do you guys recommend?

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What hobbies do you guys recommend?

Any than digi scrapbooking, do you guys have any other hobbbies to recommend?

smiley I love reading, what is probably my "first" hobby, spare more time that I´d like to admit playing games on the internet, and I enjoy to do other kinds of crafts, like cross-stitching and painting. I also like to go on different kinds of events that happen in my town, and to visit its museums, parks, going to the theatre, meeting friends at restaurants/pubs and so on.

I love knitting! It's so relaxing and a great thing to do when watching TV or a movie. My hands always twitch when I don't have the needles going.

Ha ha! Seems like your hobbies are really fun!:)

i trade artist trading cards (i started on ATCs for All). it is such fun to get some small pieces of art through snail mail.

reading is my other hobby. recently i started reading all the classics that I was never forced to read in high school and I must admit, I've been enjoying most of them (of course there are a few exceptions ... wuthering heights was just awful in my opinion). But I've come to love love love Jane Austen (and not just Pride and Prejudice, but also Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, Mansfield Park).

my other hobbies including quilting, genealogy, and crafting items for decorating my own home. i have also been trying most of my adult years to improve my photography skills but i'm definitely still an amateur at it.

My biggest hobby by far is being a rabid fan (TV show), and it totally swallows most of my spare time. But I also like to read and ride my little bike.
Writing is kind of more than a hobby for me...