Do you use the latest software?

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Do you use the latest software?

I'm curious, do you upgrade to newer editions of your scrapping software whenever there's a new version? I'm still using an ancient PSE 4 and PSP 9, and I have no desire to move up... they do what I want! I even do my designing with them. I'm worried that if I ever get a new computer, they won't be compatible, but so far so good.

So I was just curious if I'm the only one using software from the dinosaur era. smiley Are there good reasons to upgrade?

I can't talk to those specific softwares, but I've used Scrapbook Factory Deluxe some. I had a friend who let me use an older version and then I was able to get SFD version 5 last summer free because I did some purchasing at The only difference I could see off hand was that they made it easier to get at scrapping items, and on the few projects I did in both of the older and new software, the newer one seemed to have worked out a few bugs in the redrawing of the pages and other things like that.

I currently use Gimp which is free, though it's taking forever to get anything done on my laptop, when working with more than 1 or 2 photos. My daughter complains about out computers speeds constantly...since she is working on a laptop that is only 2 years old, and our's are over 5 yrs.

I used to work with computer programmers, & my advice is that if you are planning to up-grade your computer in the next 2 or 3 years, I'd wait to upgrade your software then. Back in 1988 we were telling students to figure out what they needed to do, what software, and then buy a system that would handle that plus a little more.

Guess I'd say, "if it's not broke...WAIT to fix it!" Since electronics are constantly upgrading and getting bigger - in what they can do - and smaller in size as well as fast, wait until you see a need to either upgrade or replace the computer, because you might HAVE to go newer on the software!

If you are happy with what you have, than why upgrade? The only reason for upgrading is that you want what the new version offers. As to it working on a new system, Windows has a comparability mode that you can use. In most cases the only reason why it would not is that you had 32 bit system copies and you are now running a 64 bit system.

The only reason I upgrade is that I received a newer version for free. I use the software all the time and need it for business or teaching. Or it is the software I use to teach, which I am required to maintain the same that the students are using.

I agree with some of the previous comments, why upgrade if you're happy and it works.

With that said I learned that some of my programs didn't work when I had to finally upgrade my computer that crashed from XP to a new one with Windows 7, but PhotoShop wasn't one of those programs. It was lesser known or specific type programs and the problem had more to do with the 32bit vs 64bit than anything of why they wouldn't work on my new laptop.

I'm also using an old version of PSE (6), but I'm pretty happy with it. I've thought about upgrading because it would be nice to load actions lickety-split. But I'm also worried about a learning curve. I know & am comfortable with 6, and I'm afraid 11 will have tweaked just enough to set me back a bit. I would say it's not worth upgrading unless you know for sure a new version has something that you have specifically wished your version could do.

I worked with an old PC and Photoshop 7 for years. The old (and SLOW) PC was more of a problem than my old version of Photoshop. I upgraded to a brandnew Mac with CS6 a few months ago and I love it! I now spend virtually every evening behind the screen, which ofcourse is kind of annoying my husband... Choices, choices smiley I guess the minute you start being annoyed with your hardware or software is the time to start thinking of upgrading. If your happy with what you use, why change?

I typically upgrade every 2 or three versions. With paint shop pro I upgraded almost every time, from version 5 until 10 or 11...then I bought ps CS5...not planning on upgrading for a long time.
If you wait too long to upgrade, you typically lose out on any upgrade discounts. That's why I kept paint shop pro current. Also newer programs always seem to run better and faster and I like getting the shiny new features smiley

A point to consider you can still leave the old version on the computer while install the new version. This takes the edge off and gives one time to learn the new version.

I've been using CS3 for a long time, and should have upgraded to CS6 to get the discount - But didn't. I normally upgrade about every three versions. Too much going on in the last few months - Selling my Alaska home, buying an Oregon home, retiring from service, and relocating to Oregon permanently - all in a matter of months. My DH and I are currently living with my daughter in her cottage until our house remodel is finished. 99% of my household goods are still in storage. LOL. It's been a fun journey, so far.

I agree with the comments above - no need to upgrade as long as you are happy with what you have, and it is compatible with your system. You all are doing such beautiful layouts! smiley