Missing Your Brush Tip Preview? Check Caps Lock

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Missing Your Brush Tip Preview? Check Caps Lock

Has your brush tip ever gone missing so that you are left with just the cross? And that is really a pain when you are using the eraser tool because you have no visual indicator of how big your eraser is. And that's a problem.

I never could figure out why this happened or how to get the brush preview (circle) back and it would drive me crazy. I would even go into settings to make sure that I had opted for Brush Preview or shut down PS and restart, which sometimes restored my brush preview, sometimes not.

What happened was that I had accidentally turned on Caps Lock, and that takes away the brush preview. It's a toggle, so Caps Lock off = circle / brush preview which gets bigger or smaller as you enlarge or decrease brush size. Caps Lock On = cross / no brush size preview.

So if you are missing your brush preview, turn off Caps Lock!

Great tip Tina! Thanks!

Thanks Tina.

That has happened to me and I never connected it to the caps lock even though I know caps lock does have some strange (I think) effects. Thank you.

I have done this myself by accident, holding down the caps lock instead of the shift key, found the same answer as above also by accident. Great tip.

This happens to me all the time. Thanks for the reminder about the CAPS key because it usually takes me a moment to remember. Probably need to put a big note on my monitor.