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ISO: Bottles

I found a soda bottle set a few years back. Of course I cant find the cd I saved all my files on. Its a PNG file. The bottles were soda of multiple colors. I remember liking how real they looked, sorta poped off the page! I googled and yahooed and nada! any ideas what im recalling? OH and they were free!

I haven't seen what you're talking about, but it sounds like a great idea.

They are really fun Jenn!

Cute! Thanks for the link

great stuffs

Great! I think those were actually made by one of our members, Trine.

If it is, I would love if she would come back and share any other cool food themed freebies she has! she does aswome work!

Those are really cute. I'm pretty sure I picked those up a while ago too.

Super cute!

Pardon me while I disappear for two days downloading pretty much EVERYTHING on that blog! Love!

Wow, great site.