When do you craft?

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When do you craft?

I've been trying to get back into some sort of crafting schedule. I haven't done much for most of the summer, but I've got my new craft desk set up and my fingers are itching! Do you have regular crafting time, or do you just take what you can get?

I take what I can get. Between four children and household duties, I don't have a regular crafting time for myself. By the time everyone else (husband included) is in bed, I'm so tired that I want to chill out and either read, watch something, or play a video game. Luckily only one child is still at home in the daytime during the school year, so she can do her pre-preschool stuff on PBSKids and I can get in some creative time. I also occasionally work on some in the evening after dinner while my husband gets in his bonding time with the kids, especially if I have a big project to get done.

I am looking forward to the last kid starting actual preschool next year, though, because then I can use all that daytime when it's just me and the cat.

I'm pretty much an empty nester now...still have one at home (getting married in August 2020), but he works during the day, as does my man, so...I scrap whenever I feel like it. I do strive to get chores done *first*, though. Scrapping is my reward.

So, I got away from scrapbooking over the past year or so (life got too busy) but I am changing that. Also, I have the bad habit of feeling like I have to entertain my husband if he is home. He used to work a lot more and we both have been trying to slow things down. I have mustered up the courage a few times now to say "hey, I'm going to scrapbook" and he will just go watch TV. Living in the camper, my desk is 5 feet from the love seat to watch TV, so we can still hang out, it's just we are doing our separate thing.

So, to answer your question-usually it is during weekend get-aways (twice a year, not alot, I know!), but now it is when ever I can fit it in. Usually on the weekend.

Laura, my husband and I call that "doing things in the same room but not technically together" as "hanging out in parallel." We're both introverts, and sometimes we both just want some time to do our own thing without having to entertain the other. This lets us hang out together without having to find something to actually do together.

I don't have a specific time for crafting or designing. I take what I can get. Sometimes it is in the early morning right after the kids leaving for school, sometimes it's late at night.

I love to knit and watch TV at the same time ...

I'm so happy to have a separate room just for myself ... so nobody will touch or disarrange the stuff on my desk smiley

I take what I can get, too. For scrapping, our computer is in our bedroom, so it's usually either when the kids are content to watch a cartoon or two in my room so Mommy can get a mental break and work on a layout, or in the evening after they go to bed while my husband watches hockey or something. I also sew, and right now, that's strictly either after the kids are in bed and I have more energy (pregnancy problems this year, lol), or on weekends when my husband is able to keep the boys entertained for awhile so I can get an hour or so to myself.

I mostly craft when I can... but I have noticed the last few years... I do a lot more in the winter months when I'm sort of stuck in the house and there aren't all the trips, family reunions, vacations, and nice weather days. So I definitely do a lot more from late Nov to early March.

At the moment my house is a mess with a ton of different things on the go, we are renovating the house.... got the painting, tiling, flooring and gardens started and we go from one to another.... but I get to my laptop to play with graphics in the evenings... altho am a tad tired so not a lot gets done... lol

I know that feeling, Amanda. Sometimes, after wrangling kids and household duties and errands all day, I don't have much energy left in the evening for art-related things and just want to crash on the couch with a video game.

I tend to 'zone' out when over tired or too sore and before I know it, its late and time for sleep!

I'm one son away from being an empty nester after 30 years of homeschooling. So you would think I have more time but now I am a caregiver to my ill husband so all my crafting time is when I'm not caring for him. It is very stressful so designing is more precious to me now as a stress reliever.

Just started back up after a 2 year break of sorts, so i'm just winging it now, scrapping a bit whenever i have the time 🤣😉.

My kids are grown and my husband works all the time so I craft alot. It has really been a blessing to me.♥

I have been crafting more with my kids lately. They love it and so do I. We probably craft something just about every weekend.

I looove to craft and even though my kids are grown, I'm so busy creating hybrid crafts, I don't have much time for other crafts. I keep telling myself I will put the hybrid stuff away for a few days, but I just can't. I love it that much....it keeps my mind busy!!

I joined a CT call to try and get myself a little more 'regularly programmed' and keep myself motivated. In the last month, I feel like I have barely been creative at all! I know that's not true, but a lot of the work has been construction and organisation oriented, so it's not quite the "same" as a good scrapbook layout or quilt when I take a deconstructed Ikea shelf and make dog beds and footstools, you know? Lol. My goal at this point is to set aside an hour in the evening for something 'creative'.

A good reminder that sometimes creativity looks different than we might think!

I usually just take what I can get because I have such a weird schedule. Being a night shift nurse, a clinical instructor, going to grad school, and raising 3 grandkids has me never knowing if I am coming or going. Unfortunately, this also has me never "finding" the time to craft. All this work and no play makes Nana a dull girl. So I recently rearranged my schedule and I have every Thursday and Saturday off. My new plan is to spend at least 4 hours on one of those days doing some serious crafting. Both sewing and scrapping. So today I am scrapping. I am going to do at least one layout today. And hopefully plan a few more.