What superpower would you choose?

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What superpower would you choose?

If you could have one of these superpowers, which one would you choose?

Be able to fly
33% (4 votes)
Talk to animals
33% (4 votes)
Read minds
25% (3 votes)
Be invisible whenever you want
8% (1 vote)
Superhuman strength
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 12

I see most of us would talk to animals. Ha...

It would be great to know what our furbabies were really thinking &/or saying.

I have had dreams of floating and flying and it was such a peaceful feeling. It got my vote! smiley

I love animals but being invisible when i want to be alone would be amazing, though hopefully my iPad and headphones turn invisible too haha

Reading minds would be super helpful at the moment with twin 16-year-old daughters...sigh....

I'm with Linda. That would be so helpful when my 3.5 year old is throwing fits. And my daughter's only consistent word is "Mama", so it would be nice to know what she's trying to say!

Oh yea, Becky! I remember the constant guessing games when my girls were that young. hahaha

reading minds. LOL

If I have to choose from one of these 5, then flying. But there is another superpower that I would want much-much more. Teleportation. I would send myself to Europe during lunchbreak, spend some time with my parents, then come back to the US on time for a 1pm meeting.

read minds!