PSP X7 64 bits

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PSP X7 64 bits

Are there scrappers here who work with Corel PaintShopPro X7 64 bits?
Or earlier versions?
My question is; what canvas size should an image be for creating ( in my case drawing) a scrapbook item?
I draw on a canvas that is usually 1300x1300 (pixels) but I think that is too small? smiley

Typically you need to work with a canvas of 3600x3600 in mind. You need to keep that in mind, so get an idea of the size of your elements in proportion. Papers will need to be 3600x3600 but the elements will need to be proportionate, like a button being 300x300 (which is about 1 inch).

Here is a blog post giving you some guidelines. It will also depend on the resolution the element will be used (ex: tagger size online or print size in print):

Thanks Carole, that is quite a big size!
I wonder if my computer can handle that.
See how it goed, I am going to check out the image resolution link you gave.

If you ever download or purchase papers or elements for scrapbooking, that is usually the size it is based on EXCEPT if you are using tagger size kits; those will only be based on 1000x1000 pixels canvas. The reason is they are NOT meant for printing, but ONLY for viewing on a monitor, which has only a 72 ppi resolution.

I expect to create tagger size kits then; as mine won't be meant to be printed anyway. That is good to hear I can work on a 1000x1000 canvas. Thanks! smiley I always alter the 72 to 300; although I never print my work.