What pets do you have?

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What pets do you have?

I'm thinking to put the results of this poll to good use, as I'm planning to make some sort of pets kit soon and I was interested what kind of animals people have. You can write in an option if I've missed something.

60% (21 votes)
48% (17 votes)
17% (6 votes)
8% (3 votes)
Guinea Pig
8% (3 votes)
5% (2 votes)
5% (2 votes)
2% (1 vote)
Hermit Crab
2% (1 vote)
2% (1 vote)
Rat or Mouse
2% (1 vote)
2% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
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Total votes: 35

I'm such a crazy dog lady... I am smitten with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I think God made this breed just for me. They were originally bread to keep the royal women warm and pest free so in my mind it is proof positive that I'm a princess. (Did you just see my husband's eyes roll... they do ever time I mention that! lol)

We currently have two. We have Teddy who is a blenheim (brown and white). He's 14 and just found out that it is VERY rare for Cavaliers to get that old. We've had him the whole time so I know there isn't anything wonky like we got him when he was three but he was really one or something like that. The funny thing about Teddy is that when he was 4 he got Addison's disease. Which they said wouldn't necessarily shorten his life but because of the toll it takes on the body he might not live as long. He has also battled a murmur and had an arrhythmia and had seizures for many of years. He is showing his age but holy buckets he keeps on tickin'! smiley

About 4 years ago we got Lola, our black and tan Cavalier. The reason I gave my husband to look for a new dog is that we have one when Teddy dies... well it doesn't look like Teddy is dying but now I have gotten used to two dogs so in a few months we are welcoming another Cavalier to our family. Poppy will be a pretty little blenheim female. I often think of myself as the crazy dog lady.

And then we have a bird... ay yi yi... that bird is something else. I adore him but he hates me. He only like my oldest son but will tolerate my younger son. We have a Quaker Parrot named Kirby.

I'm so glad that you added hermit crab. We're allergic to all the cute and fuzzy pets so Mr. Crabby lives at our house!

Allergic to cats. So we have dogs. I use to have a Jack Russell but gave her to my friend she snapped at my 4 year old twice. With 3 boys in the house and her being 11 and my boys being 10,9, and 4 it was too much for her. She is living in a happy home with a mom and dad and a 16 year old boy. She is enjoying retirement very well. Since we live with my mom she has a doberman and that dog is wonderful only 3 yrs old and just great with the kids. I can say I am for sure a dog person I always had one when growing up. Pitbulls, German Shepards, Labs, Dobermans. Love them all.

We have five cats, all resuced. We lost our old cat
Spots in July, 16 year old. We saw an ad in the paper about older cats needing a home. The cats are 11 years old, Maggie and Snowball. We went to visit the cats and an old man 97 years old greeted us at the door. His wife had to be put in a nursing home because of her health. He talked to us a few minutes and told us about the cats. Maggie, the female is very friendly and outgoing. Snowball is very shy. Both are in good health. He had them in thier carriers. He said no one else has been to see them. They are ready to go. My wife and I are just too old to care for them, but we love them. We said yes, he sat with the cats and cryed and said good bye. Weeks later, he called and asked if he could visit Maggie and Snowball. He came on a Saturday afternoon and was happy that the cats were at home in their new home. He said he will tell his wife. About a week later, I heard that His wife had passed away. I send him a card and photos of Maggie and Snowball and invited him to visit again. But I have not heard from him again.

We have 2 siameses right now (blue point & seal point - they 're brothers), but I've also had labrador retrievers (yellow), beagles & a golden retriever. I never see any kit stuff for siamese cats, so that would be cool...

@ Beverly, what a precious story. I can't even imagine how relieved that gentle man was relieved to have his furry companions in a safe and loving home.

i have one yellow lab named Murphy. He is three years old, and is very spoiled. He even sleeps with us in our bed. Then there is grumpy cat. She is 12 years old, and just a bossy cat. She comes in and meows at me every evening around 9:30, because she wants me to get ready for bed. She sleeps on our bed, too. It's so true the saying that cats do not have owners, they have staff.

@Sunny: Wow! Sleeping with cats are hard enough, imagine sleepping with a cat and a lab o.O Well, sometimes we sleep with all our 5 cats, or 4 of them, but cats are smaller and fit in everywhere.

Well, once I got a black baby kitty, of 20 days old, that my hubby rescued on the street where I used to live, close to an abbandoned house, because she was a bit sick. She was terrible! Always hiding, biting, don´t covering her poo, entering on very tiny-tiny places and getting out full of dust. Her name is Messy because one day I was annoyed with my troublesome little cat, and told her "come here Messy Cat". Messy is a really cute name smiley the problem is that most people think it´s Messi, the soccer player. Here is she with two years old.She never had any other health problem since we rescued her.

Well, Messy was being really meanie, and other cat people that I knew told me that it happens when a kitty don´t have another cat company, and that should be calmer with a kitty mate. And, who feeds one cat, feeds two. Then, as a stray cat had gave birth in our roof, I asked my hubby to get a female kitty to grow with Messy when they were starting to get their own food. The only female kitty he found was another black cat; so he got it, but got also a male, very ugly cat, because he was so fiendly and sweet, and had a face of "piety me", that my husband couldn´t resist. We named them Una and Byakko, and welcomed them on their new forever home. Byakko, the ugly kitty, turned on an adorable adult cat, and keeping being very sweet, although he´s not firendly with stranges anymore. Here you can see him a bit grown up, and here you can see him adult.

Some months later, one of the other kittens of that litter deceided to be in our house, without invitation. We didn´t want him, because he was very agressive. With a home, however, she (that we only discovered later being a female) become a smart, sweet cat, friendly with people, although jealous with other cats. Her name is Éowyn and here is a picture of her when she deceided living with us and a picture when she grows a little bit. And here is how she is now.

Last Semester, when the others were about to turn two, a 5-months old kitty fell on my mom´s backyard, coming from an abandoned house nearby; she called me to help because she had no clue on what to do with a kitty and I fell in love with him at first sight. And he did the same! He´s my Ronny Peppers, and till today he is usually close to me whenever I´m home; he doesn´t like to lose sight of me. He is one year-old now, and my gallery is full with his pictures.

The weird part was that there weren´t stray cats in our street (I live close to my mother in a bigger house now), since that day when Ronny appeared. So, I searched for his owner in the neighborhood, told I found him in all nearby pet shops, but no one claimed him. Some weeks later, talking to people in neighborhood, we discovered that someone abandoned three kitties in our street; one, a female that looks like a siamese found a owner that really loves and spoils her in and she´s caled Monalisa. However, the third one is an agressive/scared cat, and isn´t as pretty as the other two, and no one adopted him, so he is wandering on the street. I really piety this, mostly because it´s the rainy season before the winter, so he will feel cold, and sometimes we find him wet. He is almost accepting my husband, my parents and I, and often tries to play with my cats through the window. We are pondering if he´ll be our 6th cat or not. And, as the reason says "no", his condition is breaking our hearts, that are both hard as jelly.

Thank you Sunny, both kitties are very happy in their new home.

@Lorien: It's fun to hear about all your cats! Amman is full of street cats, and the two cats that live in our house also came from the street, although when they were very, very small. They still enjoy going out for adventures, although they sure do enjoy our food and couches!

No pets right now. smiley We used to have a cat and a dog and some fish, but now we're living in a rental where the pet deposit fee is so high we just couldn't do it. My kids love fish though, and a fish kit would be cute. smiley I do plan to set up an aquarium again as soon as I can figure out where to put one in this cramped space we live in!

I have 2 dogs, Nikita and Halo. Halo is a heeler ,australian shepard, pitbull mix, and is Nikita's mother. We adopted her when she was a puppy, and though it took hubby some time to like the idea of having a dog, for me, it was love at first sight because she was adorable. She has this adorable brown patch over her eye that reminds me of Spuds McKenzie, and she's the type of dog who will protect the kids like they're her own, and lets them roll around in the yard with her. Nikita chews up everything in the yard, but she's great with kids and as loyal as her Momma, though she's more my dog than anyone else's.

We currently have 2 cats---one is 9 and one is 2. They co-exist but not too peacefully. I love cats and they love me! We take tons of cat pictures and I love to do layouts with them.

We also own 2 horses. They are boarded at a barn near our house. My daughter is the equestrian in the family. One horse has developed bad arthritis and can no longer be ridden but we love him so he just grazes. The other horse is my daughter's competition horse.

No other pets currently, although we have had fish, frogs and a hamster at other points in time!

My 8 year old son has a female bearded dragon. Never in a million years did I EVER think I'd be ok with a reptile in the house. But she really is a sweet pet.

wow, cats and dogs have more or less a draw. It reflects the statistics for USA pet owners, that I saw in a pet magazine last year.

@Marisa: I usually need to tell this story about my cats when people discover that we have that many, so people don´t think we are completely nuts. And do people get impressed when they come to our house, because they see that living with this amount of cats wihout losing sanity is totally possible, and that, apart being many they are very healthy, well cared, and have their personalities respected.

Well, as my hubby found a job he is really enjoying for now, we´ll probably have the stray cat rescued soon. I´m really feeling piety for him, because it´s raining a lot and I often find him wet. As our other "no one want this cat" invaded our house when he found a job that was very important to us and allowed me to get away from the school that was taking my sanity an to move to a big, safer house close to my mother´s, if we rescue the poor little creature may this one be as much enjoyable and good for as as the previous one was. Cats bring lucky in my opinion, and help us grow. Who would leave luck knocking starving at your door at the rain?

Sorry for the confession, but I guess I really need to talk - or write - about it, to make up my mind.

No pets for me. Had some gold fish once but they died.

I have a cat that stays inside at all times. Was curious as to whether racoons , squirls and chipmunks count as pets. I have a lot of those that hang around a lot and like digging/scratching in my flower garden lol.

Really cute smiley

I don't technically have a dog since I moved into my own place and the family dog is still with my gran, but I do intend to get my own very soon!

Just got a new dog today! Her name is Lexi she is a grey hound lab mix! She is one years old and the sweetest thing. I still miss my jack Russell I had to give away but having Lexi here is such a joy!

We are a Jack Russell family also! We are pup-less currently, with the addition of our 3rd child, but have had 3 Jack's over the span of our marriage. Love their energy!!

I have a 1 year old puggle named Snoopy.

Right now I have a Black Chow named Boo Bear. My daughter is Allergic to cats, so Rambo had to go smiley But growing up I had all kinds of odd pets other than dogs and cats. From Bandit the Racoon and Pepe the Skunk to Rascal the ferret. I also had PeaTree the Amazon and a pecker the tree dove.

I am blessed with 4 dogs, an old canary, marine fish and tropical fish and some enormous goldfish! Megan is my oldest - she is 16 years and a blue merle border collie, she loves people, but not other dogs. She has never had any idea to play! We got when she was two. Holly is 8 and is a mixture of collie, cocker spaniel and terrier, she is very nervous and will try and dig her way out if she gets shut in somewhere! Jack, my first male, is half Sheltie and very sweet. My youngest is Annie and she was our anniversary present last year. She is an apricot miniature poodle. I wanted her coat to be longer than usual, but it is very hard to keep knot free! Apart from Annie, all my dogs are rescue dogs. A colleague of my husband wanted to rehome his large goldfish. As we have two ponds we thought they would go in there. Unfortunately they are fancy goldfish and cannot go outside! Luckily we were given a large tank and they are very happy in that!

I like the idea of "fancy" goldfish. I wonder how the "plain" goldfish feel about this.

I suddenly have a desire to come up with some fancy fish!!

We are down to one beautiful little Brittany Spaniel who is the joy of my life. She is 12 and in pretty good shape; albeit a little spoiled. When my girls were small we had an English Setter, a calico cat, 2 iguanas, 2 gerbils, a parakeet, 2 finches, several hermit crabs, and a fish tank full of tropical fish. Luckily we didn't go on vacation often, because it was hard to get people to watch the "zoo"!

I have two cats and a dog. Either would be great!