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no points today

I logged in and there were no credits for me. So I logged off and then logged off and tried to log in again. I got some error. It said something about "ajax". So I came over here to firefox. Let me sign in, but still no points.

Thank you for everything you guys do. You are so nice!


Ditto, 4hrs past due time for renewal of points smiley

There must be something wrong on Jordan & Marisa's end. I don't think anyone's gotten points today. They could be having technical difficulties or an illness. Please be patient, I'm know that once they get whatever the situation is worked out; they will get us all straightened out. Thanks for your understanding. smiley

There seems to have been a glitch in updating the DC yesterday... really sorry about that smiley. The DC system really needs an overhaul, which I'm hoping to get to within the month.

Points didn't renew today either. Oh the joy of technical issues:) I'm sure you are fixing it. This is a great site thanks for all your hardwork!!!

I never got my points for yesterday either Jordan. Tonight I have some for today's (which are technically for the 19th), but basically never saw any after 7pm the 17th through 8pm for the 18th (to spend on the 18th). smiley

I rec'd points this morning.
My renewal time is about 1pm and it's now 4:30pm, no points issued for today smiley smiley . Will check back later tonight or in morning.

smiley points arrived smiley

This happened to me on February 13th, I thought they'd arrive at some point that day, but I logged on as late as 11:58 LOL and they never showed up. I was bummed.

I am sorry for the trouble people have been having with regards to receiving their free daily download credits.

I am going to be working on completely re-building the download credit from the ground up in the near future so that it is more dependable, and so that free download credits are always granted overnight for all users, based on their individual timezones.

I am going to lock this topic now. Please direct all future concerns about free daily download credits here.

Topic locked