Fixed inability to post new layouts, forum topics, free DC

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It´s so nice that you can find and solve these things quickly... I know lots of sites that would take ages to do it. You are my favorite webmaster Jordan smiley

Thank you so very much!!

Awww... thanks!

Jordan, you rock smiley thanks!

It's like Christmas! Thanks for your generosity. This is such a fabulous site!

I wondered where those extra credits came from. You guys continue to rock out in your generosity. Thanks so much!

THANK YOU ;~} bunches

You guys are awesome! Thank you! =D

That is very generous of you thank you.

That's awesome....thank you so much smiley

Thank you Jordan! And thank you and Marisa for the generous bonus
download points! They don't last long with me...LOL! There are just too
many fabulous goodies to download!