May 2018 CU Blog Train - Final List

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Everything is lovely. Thank you all so much for participating!!

You ladies are awesome !!! Thanks for the wonderful CU Anniversary products smiley I am celebrating my 35th next week and these will come in handy smiley

Thank you SO MUCH, ladies!

Thank you all for your generosity!

Thank you to all the wonderful designers and for sharing with us.

Thank you! Love all the talent here!

Thanks to all the wonderful designers for sharing their fantastic work!

Adore these submissions. Thank you everyone for all your work.

Thank you.

Lovely contributions, thank you all.

I found no downloads as well.... nothing but advertisements.. sorry

This is a blog train from two years ago, so it's not surprising if some portions aren't available anymore. Some designers leave their portions up as permanent freebies, while others take them down to put in their store after a period of time; other times the designers remove them to make room in their Dropbox, or files hosted at Mediafire expire after not being downloaded for a certain amount of time.

Some are, however, still available, and I'm grateful to those designers for leaving them up for so long.

Thank you so much, I did not notice it was from 2 years ago. Sorry.

Mona, if you're looking for the May 2020 blog train, you'll find it over in the Pixel Scrapper Blog Trains subforum, not here in the designer challenges. smiley

Edit: here's the link if you need it: May 2020 Blog Train

If it was the Commercial Use train you're looking for, I haven't seen it happening this year, unless I missed something.