Designer Challenge - Make An Alpha - Deadline March 23

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This my first attempt at an alpha. Sheesh, these suckers can be time consuming! Hats off to those of you who design these for each of your kits!

I tried several different things but didn't settle until I did this one. I found the basic tutorial here on this blog. Though I did quite a bit of fiddling to get the final look of my alpha, as I wanted more of a flat look and also didn't want to limit people to using a specific drop shadow.

Below you'll find the two links to grab the goodies. The alpha is commercial use and also coordinate with the upcoming blogtrain, "The Birds and the Bees". The preview shows the alpha with a slight drop shadow, but the actual files don't have any shadowing.

Hopefully someone can use them. smiley

Great alpha, Heliton. The plastic looks very realistic.
Janet, you do wonderful work in everything you post...layouts and alphas both.

Everyone's alpha looks great! I coordinated my alpha with next month's blog train. I hope you like it. smiley

Download is here: Sweet Dreamer Designs

@cat Since I need to this digi scrapbooking game how do yo use an alpha that on one sheet and what would be the advantage?

@Michelle Sorry, I haven't checked this thread for a few days. I don't know if there really is a big advantage to having your alpha on one sheet or all separate. As was mentioned earlier, a single sheet involves fewer files to manage so would be smaller sized compressed files for people to download (makes a huge difference for people on dial-up). On the other hand, having the letter in its own file eliminates having to use your selection tool and copy and then paste the letter onto your layout. My personal preference is to have them in separate files. I usually provide both (full sheet and individually) when I make an alpha (which I didn't get a chance to for this challenge smiley ).

Woohoo!!! Love them all!!

Great job girls and boy smiley

For me I prefer alphas separated. I have a great Alpha Cutter Template with Action by Karen Diamond Designs and it works wonderfully. Well worth the $5.99 cost. Recently I did nine alphas (same but different colors) and it was amazing how much time it saved to separate them!

I am loving all these alphas! @Sharon your alpha is my kind of alpha!

Janet, thanks for sharing this resource. I haven't ventured into alpha creating much, but this looks like it will be a big help.

Janet, thanks for sharing the link to the tutorial! I am looking forward to trying it out when I have more time.

Just wanted to say a big thanks for all the great alpha's. Love them all. I'm new here but hope to learn enough to be able to take part in some of the future challenge's.
Thanks again for all the hard work.


Thank you very much! smiley

This is beautiful thank you.

Lovely Janet, thank you.

I like this one very much

Great submissions everyone! Thanks for taking part!


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