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I will see if I saved the PSD file and can make them print-friendly. I will let you know!

Today I have a new free template for you. It's based on a page I made to celebrate the day my daughter was born. You can download the template on my blog:

Speaking only for myself - as a hybrid scrapper, I'd love to have all the brads & flairs offered as flat in addition to as brads & flairs. I know that's greedy so when you have a chance, I'd especially love any/all Christmas brads flattened.

And thank you so much for all the stunning freebies - your talent & skill blows me away!

Thank you so much!

Also, I have looked and I didn't save the brads in a working format but only as the finished PNG files. However, I am more than happy to save all the ones in the future flat for hybrid scrappers. Just to clarify (so I do it right... I don't know too much about hybrid) do you basically just not want the shine on top but keep the metal ring and such? Or without the ring too?

@marisa Thanks to your screenshot, we may have fixed it! If you have a chance to try commenting again, I would love to know if you can now. Thank you again for the screenshot.

Today I have a set of Christmas Tree Word Art to help you tell the story of your family’s tree.

You can download on the blog:

This is so cute! I love that you have an artificial option on the checklist too, since we can't have real trees in our house. smiley

Everything you shared is to fantastic! Thank you so much!!!!

I have a new set of brads today. Any hybrid scrappers who would like to use these- do you want just the shiny part removed or the silver outer ring as well? I am happy to save these flattened but I just need to know what exactly you want.

If the ring is flat, like a border, that's fine to stay. Otherwise, just the flat image would be best. Basically, think about how (or whether) an item would print & if a part of it wouldn't, remove it. Does this make any sense?! Another way to think about what to offer for hybrid scrappers is that we want the flat image that exists before you start adding styles & effects.

And thank you SO MUCH for offering to change things so we (hybrid scrappers) can use them!!

Glad the screenshot helped! I tried to leave a comment, and when I hit "post comment", it reloads the page, but my comment isn't there.

I can see two comments you made on the Christmas Tree Word Art. Maybe there is a slight delay for it to show up? It's definitely there now.

I have some new Christmas Digital Stickers up on the blog for you-

Thanks Sarah! I will be able to add that to the blue Christmas brads and will do that for ones in the future.

I also have some snowflake wood slices for you to download on the blog-

new journal cards are on the blog. Download HERE

Monthly date stamps for each month in 2019. Download HERE

There is new Scenic View Word Art on my blog today!

I have new pirates wooden brads for you- the flat version is included, too! Download HERE

So cute!!

a new template is live today! Download HERE

Ahh! I love all the bright colors and adorable designs. I can't wait to use these in my layouts, thank you so much smiley

Adorable!!!! You do amazing work!

such cute brads and flairs. thank you!

Lovely templates.

I really love your flairs/brads!