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Bre, your elephants are adorable! Love the little peanut-take on this theme.

Thanks Melo smiley

Love the color palette! I've been inactive for the past month with so much going on here...now with school almost out more teachers are taking days off which means as a sub I'll be really busy!! Hope I get to participate this month. If not, will be back in full force in June.

Melo, thanks for that reminder about the TOU! It sure helps when it is right there on the preview!!

Cute Elephants Bre. Are they a Script? smiley This is gonna be another Awesome hit! On the Blog Train.

Thanks Lori.. no they aren't a script smiley

ohhh.. I like that palette.. I am going to have to figure out something for this train.. everyone's kits already are adorable!!

I just noticed my preview didn't show up from my last post so here it is

I really like your parts Karry! You have a really creative way of thinking "outside of the box" that I love smiley

Love the theme.. just so happens a baby girl is due in the family soon! Love the colours

Here's what I'll be adding.

Carolyn I love your "words"!!

Thank you, Patricia Hardin. smiley "Words" are my sweet spot.

Here is my portion:

wow so many done already but great for inspiration ..ok off to get started on this one smiley

Mine is in the works!

Great contributions everyone! I should be getting started soon. I like to wait a bit and see what everyone comes up with so I don't go the same route but provide a little variety. Love that we can all be creative in our own way and provide something different.

Great contributions everyone!
I just finished a kit that was suppose to be part of the Rain in a different style for a challenge Marisa put up,i missed the deadline and know can't even find that post,lol,so i plan on starting this one asap.

OK...so I'm gonna start this off differently than the last couple Blog Trains I've participated in, by NOT apologizing for going a little crazy. First of all, because I think I went A LOT crazy this time, and secondly, because, frankly, I thoroughly enjoyed the creative tsunami. Here are my previews:

These will all be available on my blog on the 1st smiley

Here's mine:

it will be on my blog Dea's designs

Wow! Everyone's contributions are so cute. I haven't even started yet (still catching up from iNSD).

Amara: So glad you and your family are ok!

oh@Bre!Love LOVE those little elephants. OMG...

Oh and Raye, those animals are just adorable!!!

I am loving everyone's creations so far. Definitely got my creative juices flowing!

Marisa, Guess you wouldn't believe me if I told you it really is June smiley
These kits are so adorable, I can hardly wait!!!!
Ladies, you've outdone yourself!!!!

Thanks Julie smiley I had the "little peanut" theme in mind and just had to include them..

Here's my preview!

I used the pastels and denim.

here is mine

I made these to go with what I have. smiley

Tried to keep it small and simple


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