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I am in the same boat, no DC today. Like others have said daily visits are part of my day. Hugs

Same. No DC today. Thanks for all you do for us, btw!

I have the same problem, I didn't get any free DC today smiley

Me too - no credits for the 23rd.

Have not received my free DC points either on the 23rd. I did not realise this until I had spent 4 DC points and realised when I looked at my points balance that I had not received my 7 free points, so I did not use my other 3 free DC points as my points balance, which I was not going below 36 points is now at 32 points.

Sorry I have just realised that I have written this as a reply, which I did not mean to do, if I just want to inform you about a problem, please can you tell me which icon to click to do this, all I seem to see is the "post reply" button.



Hi, same problem here. no points for me either. Thank you!

I did not receive my 10 free dc today.. and also lost out on 7 of them the day before yesterday.. as I was in the middle of using my 10 then.. and maintenance happened and I only got to use 3. smiley .... As always.. thank you for giving us a place to report.. and more so thank you for the generosity of the wonderful staff here and the gifts! smiley

I also have not received my credits. Oct 23. Mine reload at 3am.

I have today's allowance smiley I too had used up my bought DC before realising there was a problem yesterday but never mind - these things happen! I should keep a better check on my totals LOL I do hope it does not frustrate you too much Jordan when people let you know about DC problems - they are free and not exactly our "right" to have each day. Please do take my post as just informing you of a problem and not complaining - it looks a little abrupt now I look back at it smiley Many thanks for all you do!!!

We did experience a hiccup in the download credit system on the 23rd. Free daily download credits are free, and I hope that everyone considers them a treat, rather than a right smiley , but we appreciate knowing when the system isn't working, and we certainly value all of our dedicated members who visit Pixel Scrapper daily.

As such, we will be sending a bonus of 10 download credits to everyone who logged into the site within the last week.

aaawww! Thank you! When I realized the DC wasn't there, I thought maybe it was done by rolling 24-hr period, since it had only been 12 hrs from my previous log-in. I came to the forum to see if that was the case, and saw that a few others had posted about it, so I figured it was a hiccup, and reported it, in case you needed more demographics.
It was very sweet of you guys to give us the extra! smiley

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the credits being replaced. What a nice surprise yesterday! Thank you again. It made my day! smiley smiley smiley

hi i did not get my credits today when i logged in can u help pls.

I don't see my credits for today, either (Nov 3), but I don't desperately need them. Just wanted to let you know I don't see them. smiley

@Joyce, @Brandi: Hm... just checked, and looks like you both received download credits for Nov 4, but not Nov 3... I think this has something to do with the end of daylight saving time throwing things off...

I've given you both some extra DC.

Thanks Jordan - you didn't have to do that, but it's appreciated. smiley

I have`nt received DC`s in a long time it just stay`s at 21...Is the 21 from my community points ?I did buy the 100 DC at one time I flew through those DCs in no time. I can`t seem to find that offer for the 100 on here anymore is that still available ?

Ok just found the DONATION spot and did the 200 DC + 50 BONUS....This place is an addition to ...Ok now Im gonna keep checking the DC part to see if the daily shows on mine now because It has`nt in awhile
...I think I still have hiccups too ;~} THANK YOU ;~} for such an AWESOME site...

Hi Crystal, I just checked your account and see that you do have free daily credits in there. The thing to realize with the free daily download credits is that they do not accumulate: you need to spend your free credits every day in order to get more the next day. Please see this support page for more information.

I am quite new here, but although I have a Community point total that I believe should get me more daily download credits I seem to be stuck on 5 per day at the moment. Is this correct?



Hi Chris, I just sent you an email addressing your problem.

Hi Jordan,

Having problems downloading Magazine Alpha Kit. I tried on firefox and explorer.
All the other new kits downloaded fine.


We were having a slight problem with that one, but it should be working now. Sorry about that!

Thank you, it is working now!

The last couple of times I used my credits, I downloaded 5 items, but only 4 came through. The items I'm missing are Vintage - November Blogtrain Elegant Teal Paper and the string image from this collection. I downloaded the teal paper on the first day of my membership and downloaded the string image today, but neither one came through. But, the system thinks I have them a won't let me download them again.

Hi Dana, sorry for the trouble. You can download those items again by going to their pages and clicking on the "download" button again... the notice you see there is that you need to donate for FREE re-downloading (where the re-download won't use any download credits), but anyone can re-download any item by paying the download credit price again. I have given you some bonus download credits to make up for the downloads that did not come through. Please let me know if you experience this problem again in the future. All the best.

No troubles here, in fact I wanted to say I just got my first increase of DC's...Thank YOU!! Course it took me about an hour to pick out what kind of asset or template I wanted before... smiley

Hiii, I haven't got DC for a couple of days.

(or do I get something wrong smiley )

LOL I have to laugh the minute I posted that I had no troubles and was so happy about the DC increase, I got bumped back down to my previous newbie 5 DC's a day. Murphy's Law loves me smiley